Monitoring and Evaluation Capability Statement


Measure Africa envisions that monitoring and evaluation will be recognized and valued as an integral part of program planning, implementation, and management and a critical precursor for organizational learning and success of development initiatives in Africa. The demand for M&E service provision by professional consulting firms in Africa is on the increase, as are requests for African partners to work together with international partners on M&E activities in the region. The field of M&E is dynamic and new ways of measuring development changes are being developed and tested within and outside of Africa. Interest in learning from M&E outcomes is high, igniting high demand for relevant and responsive M&E services to support development projects, programmes and partners in the Africa. Measure Africa through its strategic positioning and experience in this field, is a leader and key partner in M&E consulting, training and capacity building in Africa.


Measure Africa’s mission is to be a dynamic, key partner organization, working to link professional monitoring and evaluation service and learning to development organizations, institutions and programs in Africa. As an innovator and leader in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation of development in Africa we seek to encourage and promote a culture of evaluative thinking, organizational learning, accountability, transparency and reflection within clients and partner organizations. Our approach is guided by ethical practice principles and professional M&E standards. By ensuring high quality, participatory, utilization-focused and learning-centered M&E services, the demand for our services will be sustained and help the company to grow and its contribution and presence felt in all regions of Africa. Measure Africa seeks to build the capacity of our partner organizations by creating and nurturing networks of users of M&E methods and tools. We facilitate and actively engage in collaborative efforts with other institutions and organizations both in Africa and internationally forming strategic alliances and partnerships for the benefit of African development.


Measure Africa’s partners include key ‘boundary’ and ‘strategic’ partner institutions and organizations that work regionally and globally in development. These are private consultancy companies, as donors NGOs, Governments, and development agencies and programmes that share complementary values and who demonstrate commitment to fostering programme and organizational performance through results based management, as well as through learning and capacity building for improved performance and impact. Also those who are interested in maximizing the synergetic potential of collaborative efforts to achieve African development, promotion and growth of professional M&E services in Africa. As part of our strategy to partner with stakeholder institutions and individuals, Measure Africa initiated the Plan Implement Evaluate and Assess Network (PIMA-Net) which meets monthly and currently has a membership body of about 25 professionals representing various sectors and disciplines, but all have in an interest in M&E. We are also founding members of the Evaluation Society of Kenya (ESK) and the African Evaluation Association (AFREA).

Organizational Principles

Measure Africa is a learning organization. We therefore strive to keep up with new developments in the field of M&E and apply these to our activities for enhanced output and performance. An important component of testing new M&E methodology is the feedback which we provide to developers concerning the utility and effectiveness of new approaches in realizing their intended outcomes within the context of African Development. Measure Africa promotes internal organizational learning by encouraging our staff and consultants to expand their skills and involvement through formal and informal ‘hands on training’ and active participation in international M&E conferences (e.g. AFREA). This ensures that our organization has the necessary tools and skills ‘in house’ to capably meet the M&E consultancy and support demands of development programmes and partners in Africa and the developing world.

Goal and Focus Areas

Measure Africa is a private monitoring and evaluation consultancy firm established in 2004, and based in Nairobi, Kenya. Its key aims are to provide professional, high quality program monitoring and evaluation consultancy and training services for our clients who include NGOs/NPOs, development partners, private sector businesses, public sector institutions, governments and organizations in Africa and the rest of the developing world. As part of its mission, Measure Africa is committed to building capacity of development professionals and practitioners through relevant training and learning opportunities in Programme Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and in M&E methodology both formally and informally through tailored training courses and through ongoing support to programme activities. Also, through sharing and disseminating relevant information and knowledge, for improved service delivery program and organizational management. Measure Africa’s capacity to conduct M&E studies, build capacity and offer training support stems from our experience, in the field with local, regional and international programs in various, multi-disciplinary fields. Our main focus has been in the areas of public health, sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, education, special populations (refugees, women, children, youth, etc) life skills and vocational education, environment, climate change, food security, peace building and conflict resolution, micro-enterprise support, ICTs for Development, media, dairy development, human resources, agricultural trade and policy, film, media and ICTs, child labour, good governance, justice, corporate social responsibility and organizational assessment.

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About Us

Since its formation in 2004, Measure Africa has curved a niche as one of the leading Monitoring,Evaluation & Research service providers in Africa. With an extensive network of qualified and experienced consultants spread throughout Africa and the rest of the world, we seek to encourage and promote a culture of evaluative thinking, organizational learning, accountability, transparency and reflection within NGOs, Govts. and businesses.