Our Approach and Values

Our Approach

  • Pragmatic: commitment to utilization focused principles of evaluation, monitoring, training, consultancy services. Ensuring that services rendered on projects and programmes as well as clients are well aligned to their priorities, needs and to local and international trends..
  • Consultative: techniques of participatory engagement are promoted and facilitated through our diverse team with stakeholders and clients to ensure inclusive and equitable access and contributions for informing decisions, and learning..
  • Multidisciplinary: consultancy and training activities are conducted by multi and inter- disciplinary teams for enhanced accuracy of findings and wholistic understanding of development outcomes and impacts.
  • Mixed methods: use of complimentary methods in evaluation and training is core to ensuring evidence based and factual findings as well as consideration of intangible outcomes influencing results.
  • Our Values

    • Respect: mutual respect within our team and externally for our clients, programmes, sponsors and students is key to promoting sustainable and mutually satisfying business relationships
    • Equity: equitable access to information and opportunities for all those engaged with our services is key to promoting development.
    • Team spirit: recognition of the value of each individual’s opinions and views helps us to stay current and relevant to the needs and desires of our business and other partners.
    • Developing country innovations: new, needs based, practical, locally suitable and globally relevant applications are of great value due to our positioning on the African continent in a dynamic and young society that is constantly ‘on the move’.

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