Biography of the Executive Director

Maureen Wang’ati

Maureen Wang’ati is a, Programme Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Expert and a seasoned international consultant. She holds a B.Sc in Human Ecology and M.Ed in Programme Evaluation from the University of Minnesota, U.S.A and has 20 years of experience. Maureen leads inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural professional teams on high level evaluation and research studies in Africa. Her experience includes the USA, Europe, South Pacific and South America. Maureen is an expert in measurement and has been a team leader and member in midterm reviews and end term evaluations She has expertise in supporting strategic planning exercises as well as country profile evaluations. As an education graduate capacity building is central to her work. She has developed and nurtured professionals, students and researchers in Africa through her company Measure Africa to promote high quality and ethical evaluation and monitoring studies She has served a diverse range of clients including country governments, international and local NGOs and private sector partners and donors. Maureen is a trainer of trainers in Outcome Mapping and Theory of Change. She co-authored a book on Measure Africa’s OM experiences in Eastern Africa, titled: “Outcome Mapping- Reflecting and Learning from Applications in Eastern Africa” 2012. This was undertaken and published in collaboration with the International institute for Rural Reconstruction (IIRR).

Maureen is a member of the African Evaluation Association, (AfREA), the African Gender Network (AGDEN) the European Evaluation Society (EES), the American Evaluation Association, the European Evaluation Association and the Evaluation Society of Kenya. She authored the Joint Annual Report for the Government of Lesotho on behalf of the European Union and led the development of an Evaluation Policy on behalf of COMESA. Also Maureen led the development of the Climate Change Action Plan section on Performance Monitoring and Evaluation on behalf of the Ministry of Environment, Government of Kenya. She employs a pragmatic, human rights based, learning and empowerment approach. Her commitment to assist programmes and development partners to achieve their objectives through informed studies and evaluations is central to her work. Finally fairness, ethics, integrity, passion and reliability are important principles that Maureen upholds, ensuring detailed and quality outputs for her clients.