Aid Effectiveness; Democracy

Aid Effectiveness measurement and evaluation is a key driver for focusing assistance to developing countries towards achieving key development goals. Measure Africa’s experience in promoting Aid Effectiveness has been through our contributions to the developing country government ministries in building capacity in monitoring and evaluation of EU/ECD funded projects in 2007. As part of a consortium of companies, MA participated together with European based firms to offer this support to the Government of Solomon Islands, South Pacific, with a focus on developing M&E capacity for staff in the Ministry of Planning.

The MA Director have been engaged on Mid Term Reviews and Evaluations of EU/ECD funded programmes in various countries of Africa including the Malawi, Lesotho and South Africa. The Main focus of these studies was on Official Development Assistance to the NAO- South Africa; Rule of Law Reform – Malawi and on drafting the Joint Annual Report (JAR) on Aid Support to the Kingdom of Lesotho.